Memorial Sloan Kettering

Beat Ben CDHP Campaign


At MSK, many employees have some sort of awareness of the company’s consumer-directed health plan, but the Empire CDHP high deductibles scare them away from exploring whether it may be right for their healthcare needs. The Beat Ben game provided a space for employees to engage with the CDHP plan and educate them about the benefits of the plan prior to open enrollment, when most employees feel they don’t have enough time to research alternate healthcare options.


  • Educate employees on the benefits of the Empire CDHP medical plan
  • Reach diverse employee population with targeted messaging and accessible communication deliverables
  • Engage employees with a creative and fresh communication style, while remaining aligned with the existing brand


  • Engage employees through gaming with custom-designed Beat Ben Trivia Game
  • Target employees based on plan enrollment: those in CDHP received different messaging than others
  • Use a variety of media:
    • Educational workshops
    • Graphic email series
    • Digital promotional signage
    • Home mailer


  • More than 2,000 employees enrolled in the CDHP
  • The online trivia game was played 4,266 times
  • Over half of Beat Ben players answered 3/3 questions correctly; on average, 53% of players received a perfect score
  • 651 workshop registrants

4,266 TIMES


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